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DETOXIFICATION Herbal Hills in India are actively manufacturing and exporting the effective formula for a complete detoxification therapy and for smooth function of the bowel system. Natural Therapy for Constipation Management has always been the most important in 21st Century where Ayurvedic medicine and their production has successfully relieved doctors and Ayurvedic firms to serve people with Natural Supplements in India and Across the World. These Natural Medicines and Supplements from Herbal Hills Products vary from Herbal Formulations, single herbal extract supplements, Natural health juice, Herbal Syrups to Herbal powders & health kits for a speedy and effective result.
Jambu Beej powder - 1 kg powder - Rs. 665/- Jamun seed is also known as Java plum / Eugenia jambolana is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. Herbalhills is India’s largest online selling brand in pure herb powders. Herbalhills products are made out of best quality and authentic Ayurvedic herbs, available in India. These herbs are specially selected and manually graded to give best products. The quality and efficacy is 100% guaranteed. Please look out for our wide range of other pure herb powders. Herbalhills Jambu beej churna can be used as Ayurvedic churan and may support healthy blood sugar levels. Take 1 capsule twice daily preferably before meals. It should ideally be taken on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water. #herbal #NaturalProduct #diabetes #NaturalMedicine
JOINT CARE Natural Supplements for Joints, Giving A Healthy Joint!!! Arthrohills is completely natural supplement for joint care, famous for strengthening of connective joints in the body. Ayurvedic products from Herbal Hills are very effective which includes Arthrohills - soft capsules & joint care Oil, Shallaki capsules, Gout care tablets, Guggul tablets etc. Herbal Hills joint care capsule, Athrohills contains herbs which are processed in medicated cow ghee. It’s a powerful lubricant which lubricates the connective tissues and makes the body more flexible. Primary joint health issues such as bursitis, sprains/ strains, the stiffness of joints, weak bones, and chondromalacia patella, can be cured and controlled with the help of natural Ayurvedic treatments. Visit:
Health benefits of using Herbal & Ayurvedic Products:  Helps Lower Stress and Anxiety.  Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.  Helps with Hormonal Balance.  Promotes a Nutrient-Dense, Antioxidant-Rich Diet.  Helps with Recovery from Injuries and Illnesses.  Lowers Inflammation.  Can Help with Weight Loss or Maintenance. Herbal Hills Prime is one stop destination for all such ayurvedic and natural products. All products are on sale of FLAT50% off till 26th January. Visit today and get offer benefits by using coupon code: FLAT50. Hurry!
Health Benefits Brain tonic Shankhpushpi powder: Shankhpushpi Powder helps to support healthy brain and mind. It helps to support blood flow to brain & also helps in calming the mind. It helps to provide comfortable sleep. works as nervine tonic. Shankhapushpi or Convolvulus pluricaulis is an indigenous plant commonly mentioned in Ayurveda, an ancient system of Indian medicine. Quantum of information gained from Ayurvedic and other Sanskrit literature revealed the existence of four different plant species under the name of Shankhpushpi, which is used in various Ayurvedic prescriptions described in ancient texts, singly or in combination with other herbs. One study shows shankhpushpi to have anti-ulcer effects due to augmentation of mucosal defensive factors like mucin secretion and glycoproteins. Another study showed that shankhpushpi may be helpful in improving symptoms of hyperthyroidism by reducing the activity of a liver enzyme. The whole herb is used medicinally in the form of decoction with cumin and milk in fever, nervous debility, loss of memory, also in syphilis, and scrofula. Shankhpushpi is used as a brain tonic. Shankpushpi is used traditionally to treat nervous debility, insomnia, fatigue, low energy level. The whole herb is used medicinally in the form of decoction with cumin and milk in fever, nervous debility, loss of memory. Shankhapushpi is also used as a brain tonic. Is used as a tonic, alterative and febrifuge. It is a sovereign remedy in bowel complaints especially dysentery. The plant is reported to be a prominent memory improving drug. It is used as a psychostimulant and tranquilizer. It is reported to reduce mental tension. The ethanolic extract of the plant reduces total serum cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and nonesterfied fatty-acid. There is a pertinent reference in Ayurvedic literature about the use of the drug as a brain tonic in hypotensive syndromes. The pharmacological studies of the herb have shown varying degree of its hypotensive and tranquilizing effects. Benefits of Shankhpushpi: • Act as a dietary support as nervine tonic • Brain tonic • Shankhpushpi supports healthy brain. • Shankhpushpi supports blood circulation to the brain. • Shankhpushpi is used as a brain tonic. • Supports blissful sleep • Shankhpushpi has been used in Ayurveda as a rasayan for rejuvenating nervous functions. It is considered to help promote memory and concentration. It may help relieve stress. • Shankhpushpi is said to act as a rejuvenator. • It may help control stress • Shankhpushpi is said to promote memory & concentration.
Detoxhills Herbal Shots 500ml (Pack of 2) Buy Link: Detoxhills shots is a herbal liquid extract formulation that cleanses and purifies the body of toxins and wastes. It may improve your metabolism and energy levels. Helps diuresis and removes excess body water. Ultimate way to calm and cleanse your body system. Contains natural beneficial ingredients to promote healthy detox system
Vitomanhills #Herbal Shots 500ml - Rs. 390/- Vitomanhills polyherbal liquid extract formula helps to increase strength, immunity. An ancient ingredient that is traditionally used for enhancing strength and stamina. Herbalhills prime Vitomanhills syrup contains pure herbs. It has been formulated in tasty flavoured syrup form and manufactured in gmp certified facility. #Naturalvitamin #ayurveda #herbal #syrup
Chitrak Root Powder – 1 Kg Buy Online Herbal Hills Chitrak root powder which is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. Our’s is ISO 22000-2005 Certified Company. Our Research team has identified few herbs mentioned in traditional texts with their monograph & healing properties & introduced them as Herbal Supplements & powder. Chitrak powder is made from roots of Plumbago zeylanica. Chitrak is traditionally used to enkindle the digestive fire, support healthy metabolism and remove natural toxins from the intestines. Dosage: Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.
Aloevera Juice - Rs.370/- Buy Link: Aloehills Swaras – 500 ml Natural Healthy Tonic for all Aloevera is considered to be a nutritional storehouse. – Aloe’s historical use as a purifier and cleanser has been backed up with numerous modern scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of its component herbs to harmonize the body system especially the colon, radiating outward to reflect positively on skin health. – In addition, it is considered to have antioxidant properties that help to revitalize the skin. Benefits : – Helps in detoxification – Supports blood purification & helps to impart long lasting skin health.