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Why Do Liver Pain?


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Why Do Liver Pain? Every human body has liver. It is largely shaped below the abdomen. It has the most important functions where it detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. The liver is also a powerful protein generator which helps for blood clotting. Causes like excessive intake of alcohol, more fat in the liver, diabetes, and obesity, overdose of any medicines, reasons like eating habits or sleeping habits leads to liver failure. The final result of this bad liver is it slowly degrades health by causing swelling, severe pain which leads to Cirrhosis, Alcohol Liver Disease, Fatty Liver or Hepatitis B. Why Take Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine India? Natural Treatment for Liver Health Issues. Liv First an Herbal Hills Ayurvedic Natural Medicines for excellent liver health is combined with few specific herbs like Kalmegh, Bhuiamla, Bhringraj, Tulsi, Sharpunkha, Punarnava, and Guduchi. These actually support liver functions such as regulates liver function. Few other herbal products include herbal power, Bhuiamalaki, Daruhaldi, Gokshur and Kalmegh Powder with Green Food Supplements Natural Formula. Redefined Benefits Include- - Fights against infections in Liver - Controls fatty infiltrations in the liver - Powerfully prevents and controls hepatitis - Gives the best appetite Liver Support Products: 1. Liv First 60 Tablets - Rs. 270/- Buy Link: 2. Liv First Value Pack 900 Tablets - Rs. 1965/- Buy Link: 3. Liver Support Syrup – Livohills Herbal Shots 500ml (Pack Of 2) - Rs. 390/- Buy Link: 4. Daru Haldi Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 130/- Buy Link: 5. Daru Haldi Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 540/- Buy Link: 6. Gokshur Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 180/- Buy Link: 7. Gokshur Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 720/- Buy Link: 8. Bhuiamlaki Powder – 100 Gms – Pack Of 2 - Rs. 130/- Buy Link: 9. Bhuiamlaki Powder – 1 Kg Powder - Rs. 527/- Buy Link: 10. Wheat-O-Power 60 Tablets - Rs. 195/- Buy Link: Buy All Herbal & Ayurvedic Products online from the official E-store of Herbal Hills along with free shipping, visit

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